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  • What is a Reimbursable Deposit?

    The fee you pay to attend Open Sky for Autism is 100% reimbursable at the door. As odd as it sounds, this small deposit ensures that Open Sky for Autism helps as many people as possible.

    “But…. How?”

    We encourage anybody and everybody to attend Open Sky for Autism, and we want this event to be 100% FREE. In our previous experience, an event advertised as FREE “sells out” extremely quickly, but many registrants do not feel “committed” and end up skipping the event. Because we have a limited seating capacity, these “empty” seats represent a wasted opportunity for others to benefit from the program. By paying a small deposit up front with the promise of being reimbursed at the door, registrants make a more substantive “commitment” and attend the event.

    A lot of planning, volunteers, donations, and private resources go into making Open Sky for Autism possible, and the reimbursable deposit helps to ensure that those contributions deliver a maximum impact to our community. We appreciate your understanding.